Tamias is a fully integrated Point of Sale System (POS), carefully designed to simplify and automate daily operations to help retailers and restaurateurs run their stores and online sales with ease. It has been designed to assist businesses of all scales and sizes to run efficiently so they may focus on providing the highest quality of service. This has been achieved by using innovative and modern technologies integrated with business processes. With Tamias not only do you get a POS solution, but you also have access to a full back-office platform that streamlines all aspects of your operations, from managing products right through to payroll and HR.

Tamias is an omnichannel order management solution, accepting all types of orders from a single place. Allowing for in store pickup, home delivery, and online sales all from one seamless system.

With our intelligent inbuilt analytical tools, it allows the business too access data anytime, from anywhere and stay up-to-date on how your business is performing.

Tamias will enable businesses of all types and sizes to utilise our integrated ecosystem of products and services to grow, adapt and run their businesses.

Manage your accounts and inventory, process your sales and purchase orders, integrate with HR, manage your team, and automate payroll on one single platform.


Our Vision

To build simple tools that empower anyone who wishes to convert their ideas into a business.


Our Mission

To combine smart tools with practicality within one platform – because we believe that neither cost nor complex technologies should stop anyone from doing business.


Our Strategy

To fully digitize operations for retailers and restaurateurs through integrating multiple functions within one easy-to-use platform.

The people behind Tamias

Diversed team working together from across the globe

Adam Haines
Adam Haines

Chief Executive Officer


Florin Mandache
Florin Mandache

Founder & CTO


Andrew Doxsey
Andrew Doxsey

Managing Director


Ivan Blum
Ivan Blum

Managing Partner Europe